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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blogging Hiatus (I'm baaaaack!)

Hello hello! Thank you to my followers who have stayed with me during my long hiatus! I am back from a long break, and not just from blogging. I took a total break from nail polish and haven't purchased a bottle of nail polish in over six months. I am currently obsessed with all things beauty and will no longer limit my blog to just nail polishes...(uh-oh!)
with that said, i am here to tell you about my newest venture! I finally overcame my shyness and extreme anxiety and put myself on YOUTUBE! That's right, YouTube! I posted my first video just this afternoon. I did a Haul Video on some amazing deals that I got over Black Friday.

Please check me out on YouTube and be nice! Thank you for your support.

YouTube Haul Video!