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Monday, July 18, 2011

hats off to the TOP COAT!

so i've been using China Glaze Fast Forward top coat and i just wasn't thrilled about it. it has almost ruined a couple of my very favorite leopard manicures and it has been known to give me some bubbles from time to time. and i don't know where they got the name Fast Forward from, because it happens to be on the slow side, in my opinion. anywho-hats off to ColorClub 0-60 Speedy TopCoat. it's my new favorite topper. with an easy, smooth application, non-horrible smell, and super fast dry time, ColorClub rocks my world as of late. also, i've just started using another of their top coats, Vivid color intensifying top coat, and it performs as can see in my 'feeling blue' post.
so the next top coat i'm going to try is probably the Revlon Quick Dry top's available in drugstores and i've read on quite a few other blogs that it is out of this world for the price.
until then-
ColorClub 0-60 Speedy TopCoat

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