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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nicole By OPI Orna-ment for Eachother

Good afternoon! today i slept in and then went out for breakfast and kind of lazily wandered around enjoying the gorgeous weather. then went home and changed for the beach. my boyfriend and i went for a long walk and drank up the sunshine! anyways, i did a Christmas manicure! my first one this year! Nicole By OPI in Orna-Ment for each other...a dark primary red glitter with sparse gold glitter. i have to say that the formula was a little less than perfect. it took 3 coats to get opaque and was very difficult to spread evenly.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

black Friday haul!

okay, okay. i know you're probably sick of seeing black friday hauls by now...but this is the haul that ended my No-Buy November, so i feel compelled to post.
i worked with my mom on Black Friday from 9PM on Thanksgiving to 5AM Black Friday! I had a blast. On my way home i thought i'd stop at Ulta and see what kind of deals they had. i was in a line of about 50 people total waiting for Ulta to open at 6! I got a new OPI DS polish, Mystery; and an Ulta Exclusive OPI Mini Set! Also in the haul...(from CVS) 2 New Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes and (from Walgreens) 3 new Wet N Wild Color Icon polishes!!
Hope you had a great holiday, and stuffed your faces! XO

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OPI DS Desire...yeah you want it!

happy tuesday! hopefully i will be baking delicious pies this evening if all goes according to plan. what are your Thanksgiving plans? my boyfriend and i will be going to my parents house for a Thanksgiving breakfast and then later in the afternoon we are going to my aunt's house for traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I'm baking the pies for my aunt's and I'm also baking a brie en croute (puff pastry enveloping a baked brie wheel with candied walnuts...mmmm) for my parents. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

I'm fairly certain that this is the manicure i'll be wearing for Thanksgiving. It is perfectly brown/green/gold with the right amount of HOLOGRAPHIC! it's OPI Designer Series in Desire. I found this particular bottle whilst dusty hunting at a nearby salon. The owners of that salon just don't know what kind of treasures they're harboring.

Monday, November 21, 2011


good evening! i don't remember if i posted about my "No-Buy November" here we go! the first 24 days of November have been my no-buy days for Starbucks and for nail polish. i only have a few more days to go and i think i'm going to make it! success!
today was one of my first days off that i've had to myself in several months. i slept in until 11 (that's about 4-5 hours later than i usually sleep), then went to work (but just for an hour and a half!) and then met one of my best friend who i haven't seen in months! we decided we were both long overdue for professional pedicures....and i feel a bit guilty about getting one...but i do work 60-80 hours a week on my feet...(so maybe i deserve it?!) my feet feel amazing now! i am refreshed, renewed, and ready for a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday.
so i won't post a picture of my feet (ew)...but i will say that i got OPI's Merry Midnight painted on them! s
....and because i've been so inconsistent with posting, i promise to post tomorrow, and i'll even give you a hint! holo!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finger Paints Merry & Bright Holiday Collection

good morning! this morning is the start of a very loong work week, but i'll survive it...hehe! i have another  Finger Paints press release for you this morning. i must say, i'm pretty excited for November to be over so that my nail-polish-no-buy ends. then i can get my polished paws on some fabulous holiday polishes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

finger paints holiday sparkle PR

good afternoon! today I have a lovely Finger Paints press release for you...this looks very similar to Deborah Lipmann Happy Birthday (and the many other supposed dupes)...but gorgeous nonetheless!